UNGER® HydroPower™️ Ultra LC


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The Unger HydroPower® Ultra is setting a new standard in deionising filter technology for pure water cleaning. A definite value-add for every professional window cleaner and cleaning specialist.

  • FloWater™ Technology 2.0 - Providing Efficient Water Flow, Optimising Resin Utilisation

  • Replace Resin Quickly & Easily

  • ALTECH® NXT GlassFibre & Polypropylene Housing

  • Stainless Steel Connectors including Shut Off Valve

  • Integrated TDS Monitor


Ultra resin packs can be changed as easily as a coffee pad in a coffee machine!



UNGER® HydroPower Ultra LC Unit

Stainless Steel Holding Trolley

L/LC - UNGER High Capacity Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin Pack 

Built in TDS Monitor 



Base - 30cm x 31cm

Height - 107cm

Weight - 32kg (Including Resin)


PLEASE NOTE: This unit is most suitable for use with a low TDS input. Compatible with Unger HydroPower Ultra Filter L and LC Resin Packs ONLY.


Unsure if this is suitable for your needs? Contact us for advice!

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